A Parful Pause with Amethyst

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Life can be stressful, there's no doubt about it but when you find yourself constantly battling with worries, stress and churning a spiralling rhetoric of unhelpful thoughts, then do yourself a favour and take a wee mindful time out with AMETHYST A.K.A THE STONE OF PEACE. It'll certainly give your head a bitta peace, if nothing else.

🟣 Amethyst is a parful little protective stone that helps to relieve stress and anxiety in your life. A natural tranquiliser, it helps dissolve negativity and has an all round beautiful soothing energy 🟣

Pair it up with our wee worry pad.



The moon shaped healing stone is mounted on an A7 reflection card to help you get the most from your time out. At the back of each card, there is space indicated for your thumb so that you fingers are physically connected with the healing stone during your reflection.


*Please note that products are unsuitable for weans aged 5 and under and all children over this age should be supervised.